WITH over 1000 CSO member organisations, and created in 2003 with the endorsement and support of ECOWAS, the WEST AFRICAN CIVIL SOCIETY FORUM (WACSOF) is the apex umbrella body network of the civil society in west africa, covering 18 thematic areas, with representations and coordination teams in 15 countries of ECOWAS (ECONOMIC COMMUNITY OF WEST AFRICAN STATES).

WACSOF is a privileged partner and an advisor to ECOWAS and other institutions. WACSOF is the institutionalized channel for dialogue between civil society organizations and ECOWAS.

WACSOF builds capacity, raises awareness, advocates, mobilizes civil society, engages in the formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies for a prosperous, stable and peaceful africa. WACSOF is an excellent partner, a one-stop-shop for systematic engagement between institutions and civil society organizations, for impactful results.


WACSOF envisions a well-organized and vibrant civil society in west africa, which contribute to the attainment to a stable and prosperous west africa region, free of violent conflicts and characterised by democracy, human rights, good governance, rule of laws, constitutionalism, social justice and economic prosperity.

As the receptacle of CSO’S, WACSOF’S mission is to efficiently institutionalize and systematize the engagement between CSO’S, NSAS (non-state actors) and the ECOWAS and with member states, while empowering them to harness the civic space across the region, building relationships between CSOS, increasing CSOS contribution, visibility and relevance in the regional integration and development agenda of ECOWAS vision 2050.