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Une délégation du FOSCAO Bénin reçue à la Direction des Relations avec les Institutions et de la Promotion des Dynamiques Sociales.

Ce jeudi 21 avril 2022, une délégation du FOSCAO Bénin a été reçue à la Direction des Relations avec les Institutions et de la Promotion des Dynamiques Sociales


Au menu des échanges:

-Ancrage institutionnel du FOSCAO Bénin,

- Dynamiques de collaboration légale,

-Point des activités.


Rappelons que le FOSCAO Bénin est la Plate-forme Nationale de l'institution sous-régionale FOSCAO (Forum de la Société Civile de l'Afriquede l'Ouest). Créé par la CEDEAO, le FOSCAO est un réseau fédérateur des organisations de la société civile (OSC), des 15 États membres. Le FOSCAO envisage une société civile bien organisée et dynamique en Afrique de l'Ouest, qui contribue à la réalisation d'une région ouest africaine stable et prospère, caractérisée par la démocratie, les droits de l'homme, la bonne gouvernance, le respect des règles de droit, des constitutions, la prospérité économique et la justice sociale.


De la gauche vers la droite, nous pouvons reconnaître:

- -Collaboratrice de la Directrice, -Coordonnatrice FOSCAO-Bénin, -Directrice en charge des Relations avec les Institutions, -Coordonnateur Adjoint FOSCAO-Bénin

WACSOF-Benin meets Directorate of Relations with Institutions and the Promotion of Social Dynamics

On Thursday, April 21, 2022, the West African Civil Society Forum (WACSOF) national platform of Benin met with the Directorate of Relations with Institutions and the Promotion of Social Dynamics.
The discussion/exchange were build up around the following:

• Institutional anchoring of FOSCAO Benin,
• Dynamics of legal collaboration,
• Update on activities.

Note that FOSCAO Benin is the National Platform of the regional institution called WACSOF (West Africa Civil Society Forum).

Created with the endorsement of ECOWAS, WACSOF is a unifying network of civil society organizations (CSOs) from the 15 Members States. WACSOF envisions a well-organized and vibrant civil society in West Africa, which contributes to the achievement of a stable and prosperous West African region characterized by democracy, human rights, good governance, respect for the rules of law, constitutions, economic prosperity and social justice.


Picture Guide

From left to right, we can recognize:

-Collaborator of the Director, -Coordinator FOSCAO
-Benin, -Director in charge of Relations with Institutions,
-Deputy Coordinator FOSCAO-Benin


The present message is to bring to the public attention of the resignation of the president of WACSOF, MME KHADY FALL TALL.

She will be replaced by Mr. DANSA KOUROUMA who will be the acting president till the next general assembly of WACSOF.

WACSOF would like to take this opportunity to thank Mme KHADY FALL TALL of her involvement into WACSOF and wishes her the best for her future endeavours.





Le présent message est de porter à la connaissance du public de la démission de la présidente du FOSCAO, MME KHADY FALL TALL.

Elle sera remplacée par Monsieur DANSA KOUROUMA qui assurera la présidence par intérim jusqu'à la prochaine assemblée générale du WACSOF.

Le FOSCAO aimerait profiter de cette occasion pour remercier Mme KHADY FALL TALL de son implication au FOSCAO et lui souhaite le meilleur pour ses projets futurs.







The West African Civil Society Forum (WACSOF) was created in 2003, with the support and approval of ECOWAS is the institutionalized Apex umbrella network of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) with representations in each of the 15 ECOWAS countries, covering 18 thematic groups. WACSOF, which is a privileged partner and advisor to ECOWAS and other institutions, is an organization whose members are civil society organizations from West Africa.

WACSOF works to enhance efforts aimed at fostering regional integration and development in West Africa, with the purpose of channeling the civil society energies towards complimenting the regional integration and development agenda of the ECOWAS. WACSOF envisions a well-organized and vibrant civil society which contributes to the attainment of a stable and prosperous sub-region characterized by respect for democracy and good governance, constitutionalism and rule of law, economic prosperity, social justice and human rights.


WACSOF is looking for a dynamic M&E OFFICER with a high level of integrity, self-driven and competent person, that will help pursuing the effective implementation of WACSOF activities and mandate. This position will be based at WACSOF Secretariat, located in Abuja, Nigeria. The successful candidate should have an intimate understanding of NGO, Civil Society, and project management best practices. The ideal candidate will be able to hit the ground running as soon as he/she starts.

Under the overall guidance of the Program team and direct supervision of the Program director, the M&E Officer will be responsible for the monitoring and ensuring high quality and timely inputs, and for ensuring that every project maintains its strategic vision and that its activities result in the achievement of its intended outputs in a cost effective and timely manner.

The M&E officer will be responsible for designing and implementing the M&E activities of every  Project; assisting the Program officers in preparing interim reports on project progress and will monitor the project activities on a regular basis, developing and maintaining the MIS of the Project and will be responsible for the collection & analysis of different data in relation to the project activities.

The Monitoring and Evaluation Officer works in close collaboration with and closely with project teams and other stakeholders of projects.

  1. a. Develop and implement a robust MEAL System, ensuring that it is institutionalized within the existing management framework. This includes establishing policy, procedure, theories of change and tools for data collection and use consistent with M&E resources, log frame to demonstrate results and impact and build staff capacity to understand and use the M&E system; 
  2. b. Collaborates with staff to collect activity-specific quantitative and qualitative data, maintain quality assurance of data collected, coordinate overall quantitative and qualitative data collection; 
  3. c. Lead the compilation, validation and analysis of data collected from Intervention and activities of WACSOF, consolidate into reports and disseminate for knowledge management; 
  4. d. Establish and promote quality programming and innovation, which will be achieved through developing and improving monitoring, evaluation, impact assessment and learning methodologies;
  5. e. Ensure that all activities are continually monitored and that lessons are documented and communicated to inform on-going implementation and future programming; 
  6. f. Guide the Team in designing and implementing activities that are outcome and impact-focused and enhance accountability to stakeholders in line with International partners / donors' policies and practices;
  7. g. Provide strategic support for improved project management and implementation informed by Project Design documents, Annual work plan and M&E Result frameworks; 
  8. h. Develop and update monitoring tools to track project activities, develop and update M&E Plan consistent with the annual M&E framework, Logframe, in consultation with staff; 
  9. i. Update the progress and provide timely analysis to develop and update overall strategic plan and framework, outcome and impact chain and intervention logics; 
  10. j. Support management team and staff in developing and implementing organization annual work plans, overall monitoring framework including capturing of learnings and achievements; 
  11. k. Lead and coordinate staff in preparing indicator protocol sheets (indicator description/profile) of project indicators mentioned in project documents; 
  12. l. Lead the development of comprehensive baseline statistics for key project variables, coordinate setting of target and collect periodic data and information against the baseline to assess and report on the overall progress of these variable; 
  13. m. Take lead in developing monitoring and evaluation tools and process and coordinate with Monitoring and Evaluation Unit of donors to obtain guidance and updates on policies and guidelines on M&E; 
  14. n. Performs other duties as assigned

  1. a. Master’s degree in business or public administration, management, statistics, economics, political science or other related fields from a recognized university; with 3 years of experience at specialist or expertise level in programme/project management area of work
  2. b. or a University Bachelor’s degree in in business or public administration, management, statistics, economics, political science or other related fields with 5 years of experience out of which 3 years of experience at specialist/ expertise level in programme/ project management area of work
  3. c. Understanding of various approaches and methods of programme and project monitoring & evaluation will be an added advantage.
  4. d. Should be experienced with Donor budgeting and reporting (eg EUROPEAN UNION (EU), USAID, ETC.)
  5. e. Experience with major humanitarian donors and donor compliance issues.
  6. f. Experience in working with international and national NGOs, Civil Society, ECOWAS

  1. a. Proven ICT skills, especially in MS-Excel and Statistical Data software’s;
  2. b. Excellent interpersonal skills 
  3. c. Sound planning and organisational skills
  4. d. Ability to negotiate diplomatically
  5. e. Ability to delegate the appropriate responsibility, accountability and decision-making authority with regard to performance management and professional development
  6. f. Fluency in at least two languages (English, French, Portuguese). Nice to have

  1. a, Strategic Insight...
  2. b. Change Management....
  3. c. Managing Risk...
  4. d. Building Relationship...
  5. e. Accountable and Complies with Rules...
  6. f. Learning Orientation...
  7. g. Communicating with Influence...
  8. h. Conceptual thinking...
  9. i. Job Knowledge and information sharing...
  10. j. Drive for result...
  11. k. Continuous improvement orientation...

  1. Strong leadership, oral and written communication skills.
  2. Ability to work in a team (strong task management and team leading competencies);
  3. Ability to work with a diverse group in a professional service-oriented manner. Cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability.
  4. Good work ethic, agility, resilience, honesty, integrity and strong interpersonal skills
  5. Ability to work under pressure in cross-cultural environment and willing to travel

  1. Please send your resume and letter of motivation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. Only selected candidates will be contacted. The Work location is Abuja, Nigeria
  3. The remuneration for this position will be based on the candidate’s experience.
  4. WACSOF is an equal opportunity employer
  5. WACSOF web site: