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By WACSOF-FOSCOA 20 October, 2020 365



20TH OCTOBER 2020, ABUJA: The West African Civil Society Forum WACSOF has been observing a dangerous trend in police brutality and corruption in many countries of West Africa. The ongoing protests in Nigeria is symptomatic of this situation. The protests across Nigeria by the youths started on the premise of their grievances against the Country's Special Anti-Robbery Squad known as SARS. The SARS had allegedly become notorious for harassing and killing citizens rather than protecting them. WACSOF is concerned that this situation could escalate as opposition groups against the protests have now emerged leading to a break out of chaos and danger to lives of citizens.

1. WACSOF is calling on the Nigerian government to:
a. Uphold the right of citizens as it is their constitutional right to protest peacefully.
b. To positively dialog with the youths and provide lasting and satisfying solutions.
c. To involve Civil Society groups to help mediate in the crisis.
d. To protect the citizens and cease any form of harassment or abuse on them.
e. Create conducive environment for youth entrepreneurship and job creation.
f. Enforce the fight against corruption and promote fair distribution of wealth.

2. WACSOF supports the National Human Rights Commission of Nigeria (NHRC) to set up independent investigation panel on SARS

3. WACSOF is also calling on the youths to:
a. Ensure their protests are completely peaceful.
b. Come up with strategies to effectively engage the government and relevant authorities to listen to them.
c. Propose realistic solutions to the authorities and hold them accountable.
d. Engage with Civil Society Organizations who can help them with effective mediation processes and hence put an end to the crisis soon.

4. WACSOF condemns any form of Police brutality and calls on ECOWAS countries and relevant authorities to address this unending menace.

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