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By WACSOF-FOSCOA 21 October, 2020 433



ABUJA, 21st OCTOBER 2020

1. The West African Civil Society Forum WACSOF is observing with great dismay the use of lethal force by law enforcement agents on #ENDSARS peaceful protesters in Lagos, Nigeria, on 20th of October 2020.
2. The Nigerian constitution has embedded in it the principles that guarantee the fundamental human rights of all its citizens to life. This has been obviously violated.
3. WACSOF strongly condemns the brutal, despicable killing of young and peaceful #EndSARS protesters by armed security officials at the Lekki Toll Plaza in Lagos
4. WACSOF is concerned that many armed thugs have been mobilised to disturb and attack peaceful protesters without the Police or security officials intervening to protect the citizens
5. WACSOF is calling on the Nigerian government to:
a. Uphold the right of citizens as it is their constitutional right to protest peacefully.
b. Respect the ECOWAS protocol on Democracy and Good Governance which stipulates that “The use of arms to disperse non-violent meetings or demonstrations shall be forbidden.”
c. To thoroughly investigate, determine responsibility and bring to justice those responsible for the loss of lives at the protest grounds
d. To positively dialog with the youths and provide lasting and satisfying solutions.
e. To involve Civil Society organisations to help mediate in the crisis.
f. To protect the citizens and cease any form of harassment or abuse on them.
6. WACSOF is also calling on the ECOWAS to swiftly intervene in the current situation in Nigeria.
7. WACSOF condemns any form of Police brutality and calls on ECOWAS countries and relevant authorities to address this unending menace.

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