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19 Jun, 2020

WACSOF is looking for dynamic, hardworking persons for the WACSOF COMMUNICATION VOLUNTEERING TEAM to better cover the citizens reality in every country in WEST AFRICA. WACSOF wants to reflect what is happening in the ECOWAS region and to feature the diversity of ECOWAS citizens in its communication platforms.

  • Are you Communications Savvy?
  • Are you interested in issues affecting your country, the ECOWAS region, the AFRICAN continent or the AFRICAN DIASPORA?
  • Do you want to be part of a winning volunteering team?



Experience in Social Media. WACSOF wants to reflect what is happening in the ECOWAS region and to feature the diversity of ECOWAS citizens in its communication platforms

  • Experience in Social media management
  • Experience with Media or Wants to work with Media
  • Communications skills
  • Dynamism and curiosity
  • Note: No need to be ECOWAS citizen. We value your talent.
  • Added advantage:
  • Graphic design and / video editing
  • Web site design experience (Joomla or Wordpress)


Please Use the link provided to fill out the required fields or send you motivation letter and CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  1. Be A Communication Embassador of WACSOF in the country. Not a spokesperson of WACSOF. The WACSOF National platform coordinator is the WACSOF spokesperson in the country.
  2. Works closely with the WACSOF National platform national coordination team
  3. Gather information on the country related to the different thematic areas of WACSOF, information that can benefit to the ECOWAS region.
  4. Help recruit new CSO members in the country.
  5. Be the Media Eyes of WACSOF in the country.
  6. Connect WACSOF with the media community in the country and Help WACSOF to be known in the country.
  7. Browse the news in the country, summarise the interesting elements that could be posted on WACSOF Regional communication platform
  8. Be aware of or learn about Citizen burning issues in the ECOWAS region (Single currency, Natural resources, elections. Governance, Etc.)
  9. Help feature the best of CSO’s activities in the country, so WACSOF regional could feature them in the newsletter or any communication platform.
  10. Relay WACSOF publications / postings on social media.
  11. Help organise Press conferences when needed, in the country.
  12. Help Translate with languages like: English, French, Portuguese when required.
  13. Be part of the quality assurance effort by pre-reviewing WACSOF publications before publication on our communication platforms.