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By WACSOF 05 April, 2018 1040

21 West African Journalists Equipped to Campaign on AGA

WACSOF trained Journalist from the West African region on the African Governance Architecture and its effective reportage.

The aim of the training was to mobilizing support for the implementation of the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance (ACDEG) and African Governance Architecture (AGA).

The training which was held in Abuja on the 6th of April 2018, had 21 participants from Five West African Countries in attendance.

Participants at the training made solemn commitment to utilise their media platforms to create more awareness on AGA and ACDEG.

Organisations represented at the event includes, Vanguard Newspapers in Nigeria, Awoko Newspapers in Sierra Leone, News Agency of Nigeria, The Punch Newspapers in Nigeria, African Young Voices in Sierra Leone, Television Togolaise, BBC Nigeria, Maison De Radio Nigeria, African Independent Television in Nigeria, China Central Television (CCTV) Nigeria, This Day Newspaper in Nigeria, Federal Radio Corp. of Nigeria (FRCN) Nigeria, Joy News in Ghana, Ghana News Agency, Nigerian Television Authority, Nigerian Tribune, Daily Trust Newspaper in Nigeria, Sierra Leone Broadcasting Commission, News Ivoire in Côte D’ Ivoire, Daily News Appraisal in Nigeria and Radio Democracy 98.1 in Sierra Leone.

The partakers learnt how to create content that drive interactions, like content that improves citizens’ knowledge and awareness, news reporting and information on ACDEG and AGA; contents published on a platform for the audience to discover (article, commentary, social media post, news story); and content created in response to other contents.

Commitments were made from some of the Media Houses to link their political reports to AGA and ACDEG. Some of the media houses also promised to from time to time invite WACSOF as a guest on their show to deliberate on political issues especially those linked to AGA and ACDEG.

In another workshop, WACSOF trained 28 youths to promote this goal. The participating youths expressed commitment to take the campaign to another level. They pledged to train other youths in their respective countries to create more awareness on AGA and ACDEG.

The youths were representatives of various organisations in West Africa, they include YIAGA Africa, Youth Hub Africa, Young African Leaders Initiative, Activista, DEAN Initiative, Federation of Liberian Youth, PY AFRICA Greenlight Initiative, CISLAC, Markengee Group, WACSOF COTE D IVOIRE Youth Group, Cedar Seed Foundation, Youth Empowerment Synergy, ClearPath Leadership of Nigeria, Hold My Hands Foundation, Youth for Results, Pacesetters Youth Group, Bellvicks Global Aid, Think Right Youth Forum, Greenlane Foundation, Connected Development, Girl Child Africa, GESA Initiative, Skills Outside School Foundation and Cal Maji Foundation.